Chain hoist for sale

As a result of advanced technology and top quality, AICRANE differential chain hoist is very popular among the world customers. AICRANE chain hoist is reliable and durability hoisting equipment that can be fixed on any place, like the joist steel, I-beam, wall on the factory, or the crane lifting machine, which is the most useful lifting tool in light or heavy duty industrial application.

Aicrane large stock and high quality chain fall hoist for sale in competitive price

Ellsen hot chain lift hoist for sale
hot chain lift hoist for sale

Ellsen well build cheap chain hoist for sale
well build cheap chain hoist for sale

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Aicrane typical chain hoist for sale-Electric chain hoist products

Ellsen high quality chain hoist electric for sale
high quality chain hoist electric for sale

Electric chain hoist for sale

Lifting Capacity:0.5-120t
Lifting Height:6-48m(customized)
Lifting Speed:2-20m/min
Working Class:M3,M4,M5
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃

Ellsen Middle East order 15 ton best chain hoist for sale
Middle East order 15 ton best chain hoist for sale

Aicrane chain hoist for sale

Aicrane can offer you all kinds of chain fall hoist with the lifting capacity from 0.1 ton to 120ton, just like 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton and so on. With the obvious advantage of advanced structure design, small volume, light weight, reliable performance and easy operation, these chain hoist for sale owns wide usage range, and is better to lift weights, load and upload many kinds of objects, and also can be used to repair and maintenance many kinds of device machines. Not only can be used together with crane products, but also can be installed on the suspension joist steel, curved track, or other fixed points. The hoist chain equipment is more found on many types of warehouse, factory, firm, shop, logistic, harbor and construction industry, as well as used home, for example, the garage and attic to up or down things.

Ellsen simple structure chain lift hoist for sale in factory price
simple structure chain lift hoist for sale in factory price

Features of Ellsen best chain hoist for sale

1.High performance

  • Rugged hardened steel construction
  • Slow speed, quick speed and variable speed
  • Wire rope/wireless remote control, cabin control, ground control
  • Modular and humanity design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Three power supply in 420v 240v, 120v, 110v and so on
  • Customized chain wheel length and diameter
  • Common type and European type choice

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Ellsen high quality chain fall hoist for sale
high quality chain fall hoist for sale

2.High and reliable safety

  • Meet international standard
  • Hot quenching gear wheel to ensure high abrasive resistance and tenacity
  • Forged steel hook can move all-around
  • Overload limiter
  • Lead limit switch
  • All kinds of protection devices, like short circuit protection, no voltage protection, over speed protection, and emergency power cut device

3.Long service life

  • Lifetime maintenance and one year free maintenance
  • Special shot and paint technology, extend the hoist chain work life 10 years

Ellsen well build chain winches hoists for sale
well build chain winches hoists for sale

4.Thoughtful service

  • Rapid response to free inquiry for chain winches hoists
  • Free design suggestion with plane graph and 3D effect graph
  • Free chain hoist chain operator training
  • short delivery time
  • Anytime to visit our factory
  • Our professional engineers are already to help you solve problem anytime
  • Factory price and high quality

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How to use and maintenance chain lift hoist well?

As we all know, as one of small-light lifting equipment, best chain hoist is very useful for raise work efficiency and improve work condition, which is regarded as the valuable investment item. Then use or repair these high-quality chain for hoist correctly not only can extend these block and tackle chain hoist work life, but also save your budget, which is important for all the stainless steel chain hoist for sale.
There are various kinds of cheap chain hoist fault, among these, the most common is led by wire rope. Usually, the trouble of wire rope will result in the sprain of all kinds of hoist chain size. However, due to its character, the wire rope is easily damaged by some cold steel, in order to extend the service life of chain hoist lift, several measures should be taken to protect the wire rope. Such the steps in Aicrane to use the double-ply steel core wire rope, as well as the rope guide to keep the wire rope in order.
Then the most important, in order to maintain the chain hoist well and ensure the chain fall hoist always in good state, we shouldn’t hung this hoist chain equipment, but put away well. Then, we also need to maintenance wire rope in daily life, such as paint oil on it using scrub brush.
Finally, the energy power should be cut down the moment these chain hoist complete the lifting work. At the same time, if there is some trouble came place during work process, the electricity should also be cut off immediately. In order to avoid the danger resulted by damaged hoist chain parts, the entire chain fall hoist machine should be tested carefully before work. At the same time, the operator of chain hoist for sale also should run these differential chains hoist skillful and have a sharp view. As well as, the chain hoists also can’t be used in the overload state.
Hope this operation knowledge will be helpful for you.

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