Electric hoist safe operating procedures

Right here in this post, Aicrane Hoists provides you cases for hoists operation safety.

First, before lifting the mechanical parts should be checked equipment, wire rope, hooks, stoppers, etc. should be intact, check the electrical parts should be no leakage, the grounding device should be good. Every time lifting objects, 10cm off the ground should be checked parking brake, to confirm the intact before the work. The open-air operation should be set rain shelters. Second, are not allowed to overload lifting, lifting hands are not allowed to hold the rope and objects, hanging objects rise, prevent a collision.

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Third, lifting objects to be tied firmly, and in the center of gravity. Hanging walk, heavy objects from the ground not too high, non-heavy objects from crossing the human head, the work gap shall not be suspended in the air.
Four, electric hoist odor occurred during lifting, high temperature should immediately stop inspection, find out the reasons, can continue to work after handling.
Five, electric hoist wire rope to be wound neatly on the reel, when the hook on the lowest position, the rope on the reel should not be less than three laps.

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Sixth, the use of a suspension cable electrical switch to start, the insulation must be good, sliding must be free, and the correct operation of the button and pay attention to standing position.
Seven, in the lifting, due to failure caused by heavy objects decline, we must take urgent measures to decentralized objects to no one.
Eight, lifting heavy objects must be vertical lifting, not inclined cable heavy objects, hanging objects weight is not clear hanging. Nine, after the work is completed, electric hoist should stop in the designated location, hook up, and cut off the power.

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