Gantry Crane Hoist

As one of the typical small-light lifting equipment, gantry hoists play an important role in our daily life and work. As the leader in gantry crane hoist industry, we offer you many kinds of hoist gantry for sale. Due to a short delivery, lifetime maintenance, customized design, and advanced structure, Aicrane small gantry hoist is very famous among customers around the world.

Ellsen well build gantry hoists for sale
well build gantry hoists for sale

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Gantry Crane Hoist for Sale

Aicrane gantry hoist plans are mainly designed for warehouse, workshop or home and some heavy duty industrial application. According to a different working environment, we offer you distinct electric hoist for sale. Usually, we can offer you 8 types of mobile gantry hoist for sale just as follows.

Aicrane large stock CD type common gantry hoists for sale with competitive price parameters

Ellsen large stock CD type common gantry hoist for sale
large stock CD type common gantry hoist for sale

1.CD/MD type common type electric wire rope gantry hoist plan for sale. This kind of gantry crane hoist is a good partner for many kinds of gantry cranes, especially the single girder gantry crane. Differ from the CD type only holds one common operation speed, the MD type small gantry hoists are designed with double speed, the common speed for a general lift or move work, and the slow speed for repair or maintenance job.
With lifting capacity between 0.5 ton to 16 ton, and the lifting height from 6m to 30m, as well as work duty with M3, M4, the CD/MD type gantry hoist plans are very suitable for these working environment where temperature between -20~40℃. such as factory, firm, main, harbor, warehouse, shop and building or construction sites. In these places, the electric gantry hoist is the necessary lifting equipment to raise work efficiency and improve work condition.

Aicrane big capacity HC model box structure gantry crane hoist for sale with short delivery parameters

Ellsen first class HC type box structure gantry hoist plans for sale
first class HC type box structure gantry hoist plans for sale

Lifting Capacity:16-63t
Lifting Height:6-48m(customized)
Lifting Speed:7-8m/min
Working Class: M 3, M4, M5
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
2.HC/HM type box structure electric wire rope hoists. The HC/HM type gantry crane hoist design can be regarded as the development of CD/MD type small gantry hoists, which can be also designed with single or double speed. The HC/HM model hoist gantry is similar to CD/MD type electric hoist in appearance and structure. What’s different is that the HC/HM model electric gantry hoists own bigger lifting capacity that from 16-63 ton, and longer lifting height that reach 48m, more even longer under customized design. Usually, the HC/HM type gantry crane hoist manual handling is perfect for double girder gantry crane.

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Aicrane high standard European type gantry hoist for sale with less maintenance and long service life

low headroom gantry crane hoist for sale
low headroom gantry crane hoist

Lifting Capacity:1-20t
Lifting Height:6-18m(customized)
Lifting Speed:2-20m/min
Working Class: M5
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
3.ND type European model gantry hoists and NDS European low headroom gantry crane hoist trolley. This the higher standard gantry small gantry hoists than those two kinds of gantry hoists plan mentioned above. The European type gantry hoist plan projects can be used together with European type gantry crane. With lifting capacity from 1-20 ton, lifting height from 6-18m in ND type gantry hoist manual handling, and 3.2-80 ton rated load in NDS mobile gantry hoist trolley, Aicrane European type gantry hoists project also is the first choice for narrow workplace, because of the low clearance, which means you can save a large sum of money in a firm budget.

Aicrane high safety YH type metallurgy hoist gantry for sale used in steel factory with many protection devices

Ellsen high quality YH metallurgy electric gantry hoist for sale
high-quality YH metallurgy electric gantry hoist for sale

Lifting Capacity:2-10t
Lifting Height:<20m(customized)
Lifting Speed:7-8m/min
Working Class: M6
Ambient Temperature: -10-60℃
Protection Level:IP44,IP54
4.YH and HB type metallurgy and explosion-proof gantry crane hoist machine. General speaking, there are also some special factories where with flammable or explosive objects, such as the mill factory and steel factory. Then it’s dangerous if you also use the common gantry crane hoists machine for sale. So the YH and HB type small gantry hoist is produced.
Our YH type hoist gantry is designed for lift weight from 2-10 ton, M6 work duty and are suitable for the working temperature between -10-60℃, which also meet the protection specification of IP44 or IP 54. And the HB type gantry hoist plans’ lifting capacity is from 0.5 ton to 30 ton, and 6m to 48m lifting height.

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Aicrane high-quality chain gantry crane hoist for sale that exported into more than 20 countries

Ellsen first class small gantry hoist for sale
first class small gantry hoist for sale

Lifting Capacity:0.5-120t
Lifting Height:6-48m(customized)
Lifting Speed:2-20m/min
Working Class: M3,M4,M5
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
5. Apart from these kinds of electric wire rope hoist for sale for gantry crane, Ellsen can also offer you 100+ small gantry chain hoist for sale. Different from the wire rope gantry hoists, the chain gantry hoist lift or move all kinds of material by wheel chain and chain link. Due to the diameter of wheel chain is always longer than the chain link, we can also say that the small hoist with chain link enjoys smaller volume than the cable hoist gantry when holds the same lifting capacity. Therefore, the chain gantry crane hoists are also easier to put away than cable gantry hoists for sale.

All our electric gantry hoist can be customized design both lifting capacity and lifting height on the base of our customers demand.

Aicrane other kinds of gantry hoist plan technical

HOISTS CD/MD YH HB ND NDS Chain Hoist Manual hoist
Lifting Capacity(Ton) 0.5-16 2-10t 0.5-32t 1-20t 3.2-80t 0.5-120t 0.5-10t
Lifting Height(m) 6-30m <20m 6-48m 6-18m 6-18m 6-48m 2.5-3.5m
Lifting Speed(m/min) 7-8m/min 7-8m/min 7-8m/min 2-20m/min 2-20m/min 2-20m/min
Working Class M3, M4 M6 M6 M5 M5 M3,M4,M5
Ambient Temperature -20-40℃ -10-60℃ -25-40℃ -20-40℃ -20-40℃ -20-40℃
Protection Level IP44,IP54 IP44,IP54

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Aicrane other kinds of high-quality gantry crane hoist for sale with outstanding appearance and factory price

Ellsen high quality hoist gantry for sale
high-quality hoist gantry for sale

Shop on confident on our electric gantry hoist

1.thoughtful and unique service.
2.A rapid reply to your free inquiry in 24 hours.
3.Detailed gantry hoist manual handling design suggestion with plane graph and 3D effect graph
4.Free mobile gantry hoist operator training and hoist gantry machine test
5.One year free maintenance and lifetime maintenance
6.Short time delivery.

Ellsen best quality mobile gantry hoist for sale
best quality mobile gantry hoist for sale

7.Advanced technology. We use our advanced plant technology, can extend our gantry hoists service life. As well as the modular design and humanity design, which ensure easy operation, installation, and maintenance for any gantry crane hoist equipment.
8.High safety. Using a series of a safety device, such as up or down stroke limiter, switch limiter, over-speed protection, overload protection, and emergency power of the device, ensure the high safety of our small gantry hoists machine.

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